Diana Lovatt

Blogging is a way to remember...

I had lots of blogs out there in cyberspace in both English and Swedish and some of the sites are gone or moved, so I have started to close down them one by one and move some of them to a better place while others are getting deleted. When it comes to language I have most of them in Swedish and with GoogleTranslate around, most of them gets translated for youi.I'm also on Facebook a lot and there I use English more or less all the time, only use Swedish if I talk with some Swedish friends.

Dianas Trädgård i Järbo / Diana's Garden in Järbo - All ablut my garden and garden interests.

Pysselstugan / The Craft Cottage - All my Crafts

Mitt Liv i Järbo / My Life in Järbo - Everything that goes on in my life, all in one Blog.

Whippet Stories - About our dogs