Knitting!! ... Oh dear. Do we have a story to tell here :)


Knitting was something my mother tried to teach me when I was 23 years old, and we were howling of laughter as tears ran down our faces because she was really trying so hard to make me understand how to controll the needles. I could not understand how she could controll five needles to knit a pair of socks or a pair of mittens. I had enough hard time to keep track of two "sticks" as I called them then, and now she wanted me to controll five!! I only managed to make a sock with a lot of mom's help and I still have that one as a memory. The mittens are sadly gone but I do remember that they were not looking the same. One of them had a pointy top and the other rounded (like I wanted them to be) and one had a pointed thumb and the other a rounded but twisted thumb. But the one with the pointy top had the roundet thumb....


Anyway, In autumn 2010, I was 48 years old and with the help of internet and online friends, the penny finally dropped and I realized what it was, my mother tried to teach me and now I knit almost every day. She died in spring 2009 so she was never told that I now can knit.


There will be items here for you to see later on. You can find my knitting on Ravelry.